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Jaime Judge: Who am I?

"I define myself as an entrepreneur, since since I was young I have sought that my profession is highly linked to my hobbies (sports and investment). But my true passion is teaching and working with people who want to learn . As a good entrepreneur I am always open to new ones. projects and collaborations.

I am currently teaching classes at Economist & Jurist School, and also teaching how to invest in financial markets through my YouTube channel Free trading course "

  My professional career

2021 Today. PhD candidate in economics and business

Currently doing doctoral thesis.

2021 - Author of the book "Trading from Zero"

Learn step by step how to invest in stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies.

. SEE more >>

2020 - Professor MBA in Economist  & Jurist School

Main professor of Master in Business Administration taught by Executive, Economist and Jurist group.  "The #Trending MBA".

2020 - Author of the book "From Analyst to Trader"

How to understand trading charts and gain a statistical advantage when investing in the stock market. VIEW BOOK >>

2018 - 20:  Team manager  Financial advisors

Currently leading a great team of professionals and training future financial advisers.

2018:  Investment Director

I headed the investment department of Cripto-financial. 2018 was a black year in cryptocurrencies, while its price dropped more than -75%, we only lost -6%, but as I was the director and head of the team, I could not continue.
Although I think the result was not bad ...

2017  - 18: Independent Financial Advisor

In recent years I have focused on advising clients 1 to 1, in the areas of investment, financing and insurance.

2015:  Investment school opening

This year I founded my trading school from London called and it is still running.

2012 - Present:  Goal Zone President

In 2012, we decided to found a serious club called Club Triathlon Zona De Meta which I currently direct.

2010 - Trader in financial markets

In 2010 I started my training, although it was not until 2012 when I started investing in stocks, derivatives and currencies. Currently I only have time to swing-trading on a regular basis.

2010 -  2012  1st entrepreneurial project

We created a platform for personal training called Zona De Meta



In 2010 I began to train in financial markets and in 2015 I created the school

Jaime Juez Asesor Financiero independien


Continuing my financial career, in 2017 I started a new project focused on financial advice

Jaime M Juez.png


In 2012 I started my career at the Zona De Meta Triathlon Club, where I hold the position of president

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My social networks

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